Valentino launch new flagship on London’s Sloane Street

VALENTINO has recently launched its new flagship store on London’s Sloane Street, the city’s famous luxury shopping destination.

Housed in a four-floored building, the new retail destination is compartmentalised into areas specific to accessories, ready-to-wear, and private client space, with all rooms exploring the visual codes distinctive of the Maison.

Valentino Sloane Street

Each floor design draws inspiration from colours innate to Valentino, with red, ivory and black as major colour themes throughout the store.

Recreating the design codes of earlier Valentino stores, the Sloane Street flagship considers the building’s features while preserving the environmental uniqueness of the brand’s 645 Madison Avenue store in New York.

Valentino Sloane Street

The ground level sees a chequered motif adorning the floor created from Nero and Botticino marbles — offering a chromatic aesthetic. The accessories are exhibited on backlit black marble shelves and Plexiglas modules, while a one-of-a-kind light installation adorning the ceiling hints at Valentino’s iconic Rockstud motif.

Valentino Sloane Street

A bold red staircase leads to an all-ivory first floor, which offers the store shoe department. The carpet is elegantly black and white and the provided seating is pieces from the desirable B&B Italia Camaleonda collection by Mario Bellini, which can be found across all floors in distinct colourways.

Valentino Sloane Street

The second floor brings a different aesthetic and is devoted to Valentino’s ready-to-wear collections. The space sees an ivory backdrop with a black Versailles wooden floor and a carpet depicting the chequered motif found on the ground level.

Valentino Sloane Street

An area dedicated to private clients, the fourth floor is splashed in red with red-hued seating and carpets complemented by mirrored ceilings and walls, and interiors which resonate with the London interior design scene of the 70s.

The new Valentino flagship on Sloane Street not only showcases its distinctive codes and Italian heritage through its collections but also through its unique and sophisticated interiors.

by Nicole Pereira

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