Westman Atelier launch new Vitamin C serum – the Suprême C

FAMED for its clean, safe products, Westman Atelier continues to take the beauty industry by storm. In an exciting new reveal, the brand has just unveiled its Suprême C Vitamin C Concentrate serum.

Made with 100% THD Ascorbate – a delicate yet intense Vitamin C derivate from Japan – the latest serum revitalises and rejuvenates skin with every drop. The Suprême C’s powerful formulation gently penetrates the skin’s surface, delivering pure Vitamin C to one’s hard-to-reach cells.

Additionally, Westman Atelier conducted a study over 8 weeks on 30 participants to guarantee the product’s efficacy. All participants agreed that the serum made their skin tone more even and uniform, whereas 93% said they saw a reduction in dark spots/hyperpigmentation and a holistically brighter complexion.

Suprême C

Arriving in a sleek, refillable chrome bottle, the Suprême C is a great new addition to one’s skincare routine. Delivering a radiant glow and smoothing out any harsh lines, the latest product will work its magic in just two weeks.

Safe for all complexions and free of silicones, parabens, PEGS, phthalates and fragrances, it’s evident that this serum is here to stay – just remember to follow it with your favourite SPF!

by Sophie Richardson

The Suprême C retails for £300 and can be purchased at www.westman-atelier.com and Selfridges.