Augustinus Bader introduces The Rich Shampoo and The Rich Conditioner

AUGUSTINUS Bader, the king of award-winning revolutionary beauty, has just launched The Rich Shampoo and The Rich conditioner (both £43), adding to its line-up of cutting-edge hair and scalp products for all hair types.

Each formula is beautifully presented in the smart and distinguishable Augustinus Bader signature blue and copper-coloured packaging. 

Both The Rich Shampoo and The Rich Conditioner are vegan and formulated without synthetic fragrance. Powered by Professor Bader’s TFC8® technology, it ensures hair growth and scalp health restoration and transports key nutrients to the cells for renewal, which combats signs of aging and damage. The products both comprise high-grade vitamins, lipids, and high-performing, proprietary peptides. 

The Rich Shampoo has been formulated to revive dry, coloured, heat-treated and break-age prone hair while improving volume, while The Rich Conditioner restores and strengthens strands while reduces breakages and split ends.

by Amanda Bernstein

The Rich Shampoo and The Rich Conditioner are priced at £43

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