Burberry celebrates its iconic cashmere scarf

JUST in time for the cold months ahead, Burberry has released a set of photographs to celebrate their iconic cashmere scarf. Known to be one of the most popular and adored items from the British brand, the scarves have become an integral part of their DNA along with their relationship with Scottish craftsmen.

All scarves above by Burberry

Staying true to its roots in the UK, Burberry uses local artisans in the North to make a simple product into one of luxury.

Burberry cashmere mills

Requiring over thirty steps to make a single cashmere scarf, the journey begins on a traditional loom where the cashmere is woven and then taken to a local spring to be washed.

After it has been soaked, the material is brushed to achieve the soft finish we all know and love. Each of these steps is completed via human touch and observed closely to ensure each Burberry scarf achieves the same high quality.

The process of creating Burberry scarves

One of the most admirable characteristics of Burberry is their belief and action in helping the community – the celebration of their scarves is no different.

Striving to make a positive difference in the cashmere community, the brand is partnering with organisations such as the Sustainable Fibre Alliance; who are helping to restore grasslands and promoting animal welfare, as well as striving for better living conditions for cashmere goat herders.

The last step – stitching the label on

Additionally, the Burberry Foundation works with NGO certified businesses to aid in the creation of a better and more sustainable cashmere supply chain for the future.

by Imogen Clark