Byredo re-release limited edition unnamed fragrance

IN 2016, the renowned fragrance brand Byredo released an unnamed fragrance in collaboration with their 10-year anniversary, allowing the wearer to create their own associations with the perfume. Described as “a blank page upon which your feelings may flow”, the perfume provides endless possibilities in one stand-alone fragrance. On January 31, 2019, Byredo will once again release this cult scent, for a limited time only bringing back the perfume which plunges you into an “unknown world”.

Byredo, nameless eau de parfum

Byredo also gives no indication of the perfume’s ingredients, truly immersing the wearer in limitless potential, allowing their own mood, emotion and even individual preferences to propel the senses. Those with keen noses may be able to identify the pink pepper, floral notes and balsam scent, but Byredo believes that those who cannot place the fragrance are the luckiest, as they are entirely driven by their own reaction and response.

The perfume also comes with a set of letters, allowing the wearer to create their own personalised name for the fragrance on the blank bottle. A fragrance without boundaries, Byredo’s renowned scent will be back for a limited time only, bringing back the acclaimed unnamed perfume after a two year long wait.

by Emma Hart

Byredo’s unnamed eau de parfum will be available 31 January 2019. Their webpage is available here

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