Glass dines out with the Little Kolkata supper club

WHAT BETTER way to celebrate a first birthday than by throwing a sumptuous two-day supper club? Little Kolkota, known for its authentic Bengali fare in the heart of Covent Garden, is pulling out all the stops with an incredible seven course menu. My guest and I, nursing turn-of-the-weather colds, knew we would be cured by just glancing at the fiery promise of Indo-Chinese Chilli Chicken and Golda Chingri Malaikari (Jumbo Prawn Curry with green chilli).

Banana Flower Croquette

Our meal, or rather, banquet, began with an elegant Tokri Chaat – a swirling potato nest filled with chutneys with a chaser of Mionetto prosecco. Yes, most courses are accompanied by a complementary drink, leaving our table heaving with goodies by the second course. This was followed by the Banana Flower Croquette in Tamarind Sauce – delicious and crisp with a sharp kick from the mustard. The next course was one of the highlights of the menu – Indo-Chinese Chicken and Chilli Broccoli. The spring onion, tomato and pepper sauce was stunningly moreish and had me swearing off all future non-fusion sweet and sour chicken. And if you have never tried batter-fried broccoli, this was incredible – buttery, crispy, fresh – the ultimate in sneaky veg.

Bamboo Lamb Biryani

By this point we were already rubbing our bellies and had definitely got our money’s worth. But we were only at half-time, with the Mango Aam Fish arriving immediately after. This was a pan-friend sea bass fillet with green mango and mustard sauce – a lovely combination of salty sweetness. The Golda Chingri Malaikari that followed was similarly unforgettable – the jumbo prawns were so sweet and so tender. All of this was leading to the piece de resistance of Bamboo Smoked Lamb Biryani – served with dal, cooked slowly in a bamboo shoot. It was worth the wait (and saving the stomach space). It was aromatic, perfectly balanced comfort food.

Overall, this was an incredible culinary adventure that showcased the eclecticism and vibrancy of Bengali cuisine.

by Lucy Wai

Little Kolkata, 51-53 Shelton St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JU

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