LFWM SS19: E-Tautz SS19

FOR SS19 E.Tautz has looked back to its own roots, looking to rebuild historic supply chains in the north of England, and revisiting the social history of the UK’s textile regions as they try to come to terms with the very difficult issues the fashion industry could face in the future, a future that needs to address the pressing issues of sustainability and ethics.

In order to survive, the few cotton weaving mills that still remain in Lancashire have had to diversify, weaving for industries other than clothing. The firm of John Spencer, once one of the finest cotton shirting weavers in the world, has developed capabilities in technical textiles, and grew their upholstery fabrics business. E-Tautz use two of their classic upholstery ticking stripes in their collection. The brand have also worked with John Spencer to develop the plain oxford cotton shirting used in this collection, the first time the supplier have woven shirting for a whole generation.

Continuing with the homegrown them every stage of production on the brand’s sweatshirts and t shirts takes place in UK factories. Raw cotton is imported from JG Ballard in California, the yarn is spun in Duckinfield, Greater Manchester, it is then knitted in Leicester, finished and dyed in Leicester, and is cut and sewn in Blackburn.

E-Tautz hark back to homegrown British production is admirable and definitely where more and more fashion brands are headed.

by Calvin Baillie

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