Glass tastes Izakaya-inspired cuisine at Apothecary East

NESTLED away amongst the vibrant streets of Shoreditch lies Apothecary East – an independent Japanese restaurant. Combining the buzz of a busy cocktail bar with the sophistication of an ornate dining room, the venue specialises in tasty small plates – ideal for sharing with friends and family.

Intertwining contemporary cooking techniques with traditional flavours, ingredients and recipes, the restaurant’s progressive plates transport visitors to a world full of umami and energy.

With signature dishes such as black sesame cauliflower, kakuni bbq pork belly, salmon den miso maki rolls, Wagyu bavette and miso glazed aubergine, Apothecary East offers a plethora of delicious menu options.

As an additional bonus, the Izakaya-inspired restaurant has just launched a bottomless plates dining experience. Titled Izakaya Unlimited, guests can visit and indulge in an assortment of classic Japanese dishes.

Today, we’re here to give you a rundown on the latest culinary offering.

Izakaya Unlimited at Apothecary East

As we enter the dimly lit restaurant, the Izakaya inspiration becomes immediately apparent. Red neon lights subtly adorn the counters of the bar, meanwhile, gentle ambient music further elevates the scene. Snaking our way through various tables where guests appear enamoured by the array of plates in front of them, we reach our allotted booth.

To start, the Izakaya Unlimited menu offers each visitor miso soup and lotus root crisps. Fresh, salty and delicious, the starters are light and comforting – perfect for when one is enjoying a bottomless plates experience.

Izakaya Unlimited at Apothecary East

After the starters, we order the Yaki udon vegetable noodles and Karaage fried chicken as our first mains. Crispy, tender and accompanied by a sriracha mayo, the chicken is packed full of flavour and is a must-try for anyone visiting. The Izakaya Unlimited menu also offers sides of nori fries and sushi rice for additional charm and delight. Despite the restaurant’s emphasis being on small plates, the portions are perfectly sized and leave us eager to try the next round of courses.

Following the excellent first impression, we then opt for the tofu vegetable gyoza and miso aubergine. As we go through our meal, it becomes even more apparent how well-curated the menu is. Each plate works in tandem with its Izakaya counterparts to form a holistically harmonious dining experience. For example, the miso aubergine’s sweetness carefully contrasts the saltiness of the seaweed sprinkled nori fries, whereas the tofu vegetarian gyoza offers a delightful crunch after the udon noodles.

Finally, we test the last two plates on the Izakaya Unlimited menu – chicken gyoza and sweet potato. Possessing a similar gentle sweetness to the miso aubergine, the sweet potato’s shoyu garlic sauce is what makes this dish shine. Similarly, the chicken gyoza are just as impressive as their vegetarian counterpart.

Having sampled all that the menu has to offer, we then tried a few of Apothecary East’s signature beverages. In particular, the cocktail of the month was a sweet treat thanks to its combination of yuzu, whiskey, basil and honey.

For those wanting to experience Japanese cuisine of the highest standard, Apothecary East is the place to go. The Izakaya Unlimited menu is a brilliant option for group dining and is priced fairly at £24 per person. With 90 minutes to explore the playful menu, guests are guaranteed to leave feeling happy and content after a hearty meal.

by Sophie Richardson

The Izakaya Unlimited menu is available on Mondays and Tuesdays. For more information and to book, please visit here.