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THIS new charcoal mask from US-beauty brand Nügg is the kind that, upon application, makes your face looks noticeably dark and dirty, like you’ve just emerged from a coal mine, which is so prevalent in my part of east London. However that “dirt” would be the charcoal, a great internal and external toxin-absorbing ingredient. It also contains kaolin clay, oatmeal, and tea-tree oil, which makes for a pleasant, tingling sensation when you put it on.

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Clay often has a drying effect on my somewhat mature skin, but not in this combination, which seems to draw out all the tell-tale signs of a late night out and replace my old face with something noticeably brighter and glowing.

An excellent emollient for the morning after a heavy night. Bonus points for eliciting an unexpected, albeit slightly tart compliment of the “have you had something ‘done’?” variety. That will do me, as this mask will. More, please

by Michele Kirsch

Nügg Face Mask: Detoxifying, £3.99 for a 9ml pod and is available from here

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