Aesop launches meditation workshops

As much as we’re happy to champion innovative, interesting and hardworking beauty products here at Glass, it’s very rare a beauty brand strikes such a chord with our own ethos as does Aesop, With their clean minimalist aesthetic, unisex branding and their habit of incorporating works of literature, history and architecture into their marketing campaigns and store design, it’s a brand we certainly feel akin to.

It’s not your normal “this brand will make you prettier/younger” but rather “this brand will make you feel good in your skin and possibly culturally enlightened in the bargain”. Packed full of healing, hardworking botanicals, their products aren’t bad either (their Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque being one of our beauty staples, as is their Ginger Flight Therapy roll-on for tiring flights and long days in the office).

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But enough gushing preamble. Aesop’s latest endeavour is not even a beauty product or shop. It’s a new series of meditation workshops designed to run from March until May, April until June (details TBC). They will focus on “finding stillness within the hurriedness of urban life” and will be run in conjunction with the launch of Modcon, a new website which aims to fuse Eastern mindfulness with Western innovation. Keep an eye on the Aesop website or visit your local store for further details.

by Viola Levy

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