JW Anderson curates new exhibition at Offer Waterman’s gallery in London

LONDON-BASED fashion house JW Anderson is partnering up with Mayfair gallery, Offer Waterman for their upcoming exhibition titled On Foot.

The spectacle exhibited at the five-storey Georgian townhouse gallery curated by the renowned JW Anderson will showcase a dialogue between chosen contemporary artists and celebrated works of modern British art.

The exhibition is to unravel like a walk-through of London embodying its distinct differences and odd juxtapositions with each piece of art exhibited resembling the attributes that make up the distinguishing characteristics of the city.

Florian Krewer, Flamboyant (2020)

Fashion designer Anderson’s recent seasonal garments designed for JW Anderson and Loewe will occupy the space as viewers and bystanders to the surrounding works. The pieces were carefully chosen ensuring their possession of body transformational qualities giving it sculptural potential.

Amongst the upmarket Mayfair streets and the suggestive alleys of Soho, the exhibition will take visitors on a journey delving into the adventures London has to offer. In commemoration of each building block that fabricates the unique city, the exhibition encompasses all its defining aspects. From its parks to its pubs, the gallery will transform its corridors and staircases into traffic-congested streets busy with skaters and showcase ceramics and sculptures that echo the streets crowded scenes.

JW Anderson’s famed pigeons will occupy a storeroom and a garden bench will allow its visitors to soak in the city’s abundant flora and fauna. The journey is finalised by ducking into a pub with a varied cast of characters communicating their stories about the city in which they live.

In curation of the exhibition JW Anderson collaborated with Anthea Hamilton to create a one-off version of the esteemed pigeon clutch bag which will be available for viewing at the Offer Waterman gallery and JW Anderson’s Soho store.

The exhibition will be showing from the 18th of September — the 28th of October 2023 at the Offer Waterman gallery in Mayfair, London.

The artists featured in this exhibition include — Hans Coper, Shawanda Corbett, Sara Flynn, Lucian Freud, Stanislava Kovalcikova, Florian Krewer, Jennifer Lee, L. S. Lowry and many more.

by Nicole Pereira

Offer Waterman Gallery

17 St George St, London


United Kingdom

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