Dior unveils new fragrance – L’Or de J’adore

CHRISTIAN DIOR once famously said “Respect tradition and dare to be bold”. A phrase that has, and continues to, echo in every corner of the House, finding new, reimagined versions of what was created before in the present day.

So, when faced with challenge of renewal, Head Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian decided to take the emblematic J’adore and transform it into L’Or de J’adore.

Obtaining the fundamental essence of the fragrance, he began by looking at the origins of the floral notes – the bouquet.

Exploring how the different flowers interacted with one another rather than looking at them from a singular perspective, Kurkdjian noted how this combination is what made the original scent so alluring.

“I wanted to move from the aura of J’adore to that of L’Or de J’adore, and to its olfactory quintessence, free of all superfluous elements. I wanted to give the J’adore floral signature more streamlined, contemporary and universal accents,” explained Kurkdjian.

Dissecting and then streamlining, the approach to L’Or de J’adore started with playing with the proportions of the bouquet and then elevating certain hues. Described as a ‘radical transformation’, jasmine and rose were extrapolated while Lily of the valley and violet are manipulated to shine through – collectively creating a new floral arrangement in the bottle.

Still remaining golden and still being housed in the famous curved silhouette of the J’adore perfume, the new launch differs through subtle changes like the necklace, waves on the glass and the softened finishing of the glass.

Describing the transition to the new fragrance, the perfumer summed his creation up as ‘A J’adore that is rounded and attractive, like a bared shoulder”.

by Imogen Clark

£144 for 50ml, available here