LFWM AW19: Astrid Andersen

THE Astrid Andersen Autumn/Winter 2019 collection set itself apart from the brand’s previous collections.

An exploration of the classic male silhouette and the pin stripe tracksuit, the Autumn/Winter designs are an ode to 1920s’ American fashion, a step away from the label’s previous inspirations. However, despite its new unexpected design, Andersen remains comfortably rooted in the materials used in even her earliest collections, in particular her signature combination of lace and fur.

The collection features wide-brim pilgrim hats hand-crafted in Copenhagen, coats created in collaboration with Saga Fur, and shoes contributed by Dr. Martins, blurring the lines of where streetwear meets luxury fashion. For this collection, Andersen also experiments with a new palette of colour, most distinctively its bold use of blues, reds, and oranges, introducing a fresh scope of colour to the brand.

Most of all, the Andersen Autumn/Winter collection was characterised by its dualities. Between its classic tailoring and casual-wear, tight fitted panels with oversized outerwear, jersey and fur upon more fur, Andersen explores fully what London street style has to offer.

by Emma Hart

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