Loewe and Jonathan Bailey collaborate on tee for The Shameless Fund

LOEWE and actor Jonathan Bailey join forces on their new collaboration, a limited edition t-shirt with the statement ‘Drink Your Milk’ boldly printed across its front. 

The t-shirt comes as a celebration in line with the actor’s launch of his new foundation, The Shameless Fund. The charity supports a utopia where members of the LGBTQ+ community can live a free life of authenticity, rid of discrimination and oppression. 

The Shameless Fund will work to accumulate funds from creative collaborations with esteemed brands in effort to support the LGBTQ+ community. Loewe comes as the charity’s first partnership with the luxury brand donating to the foundation alongside every t-shirt sold.

Loewe x The Shameless Fund

The t-shirt takes its inspiration from Bailey’s latest historical drama series, Fellow Travelers, based on the 2007 book authored by Thomas Mallon, which narrates a decades-long affair between two men who meet during the peak of McCarthyism.

“In a splat, the image of this tee shirt appeared in my head, fully formed, one fine morning. I knew Jonathan Anderson was the only person who could meet the joy, playfulness and sexiness; who could flip that vision into a reality. This is a very proud first of many collaborations for The Shameless Fund. This passion project will whip up creative collaborations to raise cash and erase shame amongst the global LGBTQ+ community. I love Jonathan and I love LOEWE, and I LOVE this tee shirt. It’s for anyone who’s ever tasted milk.” — Jonathan Bailey

by Nicole Pereira

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