Glass discovers Moussaieff’s presentation at the Masterpiece Fair, London

WORKING with only the most exquisite of gemstones to create their high-end pieces, Moussaieff Jewellers has an unrivalled reputation as one of the world’s finest jewellery emporiums. The House’s work combines an original and sophisticated design vision with the acquisition of some of the most important rare stones on the market in recent history, including Moussaieff Red, one of the largest red diamonds ever discovered, and the Moussaieff Blue, which in 2007 broke the world record for price per carat.

With Moussaieff’s impressive history of creating jewellery masterpieces for the most prestigious and discerning of clientele, it seems only appropriate that the House will be exhibiting pieces at London’s Masterpiece Fair, one of the world’s largest art fairs. Masterpiece offers collectors the opportunity to discover premium works of art, design, furniture and design, from antique to newly created pieces. Alisa Moussaieff explains “It is a privilege to attend the prestigious Masterpiece Fair and for our magnificent high jewellery collections to be presented amongst art which is the rarest of the rare.”

Ahead of the Masterpiece Fair, Glass discovers some of the magnificent pieces Moussaieff will be exhibiting.

4.24cts pink and 31.24cts white diamond chandelier earrings, set in platinum

Chandelier earrings with 4.24cts of pink and 31.24cts of white pear shape diamonds

E9020 - White gold, emerald_(16.99cts) and diamond (18.43cts) earrings.

Earrings with half-moon Colombian emerald and diamonds, with emerald and diamond briolettes.

E9212 - White gold Burma ruby_(12.61ct) and diamond (14.29ct) chandelier earringsOval Burmese ruby and diamond chandelier earrings

E9472 - Colombian emerald_(6.88cts), Burma ruby (40.23cts) and diamond (5.25cts) earrings set in_platinumColombian emerald, Burmese ruby and diamond earrings

N18965- Burma ruby (77.06cts) and_diamond (60.77cts) necklace set in platinum

Cushion and oval shape Burmese ruby and diamond necklace

Pearl (87.02cts) and diamond_(33.04cts) earrings set in platinum

White and grey pearl and diamond earrings

R12281 - Platinum ring with Natural_Fancy Vivid Green diamond (1.17cts) and diamonds (3.84cts).

Natural Fancy Vivid Green brilliant-cut diamond and white diamond ring

R14064 - Platinum ring with Natural_Fancy Vivid pink diamond (5.70cts) and diamonds (11.17cts).

Natural Fancy Vivid Pink cushion-cut diamond and white diamond ring

R14716 - Rose gold ring with Natural Fancy Yellow-Green diamond (1.21cts), Fancy Blue (1.01cts) and Fancy Intense pink diamonds (0.92cts)

Natural Fancy Yellow-Green marquise-cut diamond, Natural Fancy Blue pear-shape diamond and Natural Fancy Intense Pink pear-shape diamond ring.

R12276 - White gold ring with_Internally Flawless, Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow round brilliant cut diamond_(4.97cts), with (0.77cts) of diamonds.

Internally Flawless, Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow brilliant-cut diamond and white diamond ring.

E9165 -Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow_Diamond earrings, set in platinum. With 13.67cts of yellow diamonds and_3.24cts of white diamonds.Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow marquise-cut diamond and diamond earrings

by Rachel Parker

Masterpiece Fair will be running from June 28 to July 4 in South Grounds, The Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, SW3 4LW

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