National charity Heart Research UK launches anonymous art auction fundraiser

NATIONAL UK charity Heart Research UK has launched an exciting online fundraising campaign perfect for art enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers.  The campaign, ‘anonymous heART project 2021’,  is a 10-day-long eBay art auction featuring anonymous work from world-renowned artists. Heart Research UK is putting the art back into heart.

 The line up of artists is extensive and includes names such as Faile, Icy & Sot, Ralph Steadman, Mark Conlan and Hayley Welsh, who have all created A5 artworks for this special event. There are an incredible 460 unique pieces up for bidding. 

But there is a twist. While all bidders will have access to a list of the artists involved in the event, the artist behind each individual piece will remain anonymous until the auction is over.

Only once winners are finalised will the artists claim creative responsibility for each of their sold masterpieces. Remember, fortune favours the bold. 


Lot No. 443 Love Heart




Lot No. 285 Quiet Shadow








Lot No. 359 Listen to your art




Kate Bratt-Farrar, Chief Executive of Heart Research UK, says: “The anonymous heART project is one of the most exciting projects Heart Research UK has ever run. The quantity and quality of the artwork that we have received from artists, designers and celebrities all over the world has been astounding.”

The online auction will be hosted on eBay from October 22 to the 31. All of the proceeds will go to funding the essential research and work Heart Research UK is executing.

Heart Research UK’s fundraising campaign is a rare opportunity to purchase exceptional artwork at a discounted price and simultaneously support an important cause. Happy bidding.



Fundraising campiagn logo



by Jamison Kent

You can bid on your favourite pieces here