PFW AW18: Altuzarra

PINSTRIPE perfection and a whole lot of class, the Altuzarra AW18 was an abundance of tailor-made suits, structured jackets, and expensive textiles. Suede coats, wool lining, velvet dresses, cashmere jumpers, and not forgetting the exquisite silver and gold jewellery, all graced the runway. Joseph Altuzarra was reminding us of his ability to produce whimsical tailored suits with the most intricate textiles, applique, and textures.

Set at the Legendary Montparnasse Art Deco brasserie La Coupole, that opened in 1927, the collection was a feast for the audience.  Inspired by the strong women he had grown up around, Altuzarra’s show was an ode to “fantastical warrior women” of 2018, or rather – the working woman. This was a clever and realistic direction to take in comparison to last season’s muse, the fictional character, Princess Mononoke.

Dresses were unstructured, flowy and had somewhat of a bohemian vibe. Such delicate draping created a movement down the runway and as the wind blew, the dresses clung to the model’s waist, consequentially flattering the female form. Frills and belts around the waist contributed to this air of femininity. The feather print reinforced this light and airy feel and was a standout feature of this collection. It was applied to a range of textiles in a range of colours.

Keeping in line with the Altuzarra aesthetic skirts featured leg slits, shirts had gaping cutouts in the chest area, and sexy nipped jackets were involved too. The numerous silver hole cutouts on dresses and other clothing reiterates our point. The Altuzarra collection was practical and sophisticated but with a suggestive and daring edge.

by Lily Rimmer

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