Tate Britain announces major Cornelia Parker show

TATE Britain will host the first major survey of English artist Cornelia Parker’s works in London. The exhibition will feature over 90 artworks and will debut in May 2022.

Cornelia Parker, one of Britain’s leading temporary artists, transforms seemingly mundane items into incomparable art pieces. Her exhibition at the Tate Britain will focus on current issues such as violence, human rights and environmental degradation. The works will be a variety of mediums, including immersive installations, sculptures and film.

The artist broke into the art world in the late 1980s with her large-scale sculptures and suspended installations. Work from early in her career will be displayed in the exhibition, including Thirty Pieces of Silver 1988-89 and Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View 1991 – some of her most well-known work. 

Cornelia Parker, Cold Dark Matter – An Exploded View 1991

Cornelia Parker The Distance (A Kiss with Strings Attached) 2003

Portrait of Cornelia Parker

Politics have been an ongoing focus throughout Parker’s career, most notably her work as the first woman to be appointed official artist for the General Election in 2017. Films documenting her involvement and experience will be included in the exhibition. 

Cornelia Parker’s social commentary art is compassionate and reflective.

From Hogarth to Cornelia Parker – the Tate Britain presents a number of noteworthy artists that offer insight into the past, present and future. 

by Jamison Kent

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