Glass presents Fendi Power – with Alton Mason and Mia Kong

CELEBRATING both the endless limits to freedom of expression and the energy that exudes from the Peekaboo bag, Fendi are presenting a rooftop performance titled The Fendi Power. Venturing outside the Palazzo Della Civilta Italiana, the Italian fashion house’s headquarters in its home city of Rome and to the rooftop of Miami’s Museum Garage, the commitment to self-expression goes global.

Starring American model Alton Mason and Chinese creative and model, Mia Kong, the duo unleash their inner personalities with vibrant, fun moves whilst showcasing the versatile nature of the Peekaboo bag. Creating a more casual outlook on this classic bag, the laid-back style of the Fendi Leisurewear stomps to the beat of positivity as it twirled boldly by the pair’s enthusiasm to let themselves go.

Alton Mason and Mia Kong in Fendi Power

The models both have interests beyond modelling, with Alton Mason known for his talent at dancing intertwined with Mia Kong’s creative talent becoming the perfect example of how fashion is meant to be used to bring joy and fun.

Alton Mason and Mia Kong in Fendi Power

Taking the Peekaboo effortlessly from the inside of the Rome headquarters to the rooftops of Miami illustrates the power of Fendi proving that anyone anywhere can use the brand to show a part of themselves.

by Imogen Clark