Glass unwinds in the charm of Hart Shoreditch

UPON arriving at the Hart Shoreditch Hotel London, Curio Collection by Hilton, I’m taken aback by how seamlessly this building blends into the high street. The effortless modern charm of the hotel presents a welcoming yet chic aura to one of London’s most lively and energetic areas and invites you to explore this edgier side of town.

Hart Shoreditch Hotel London: Exterior

As I enter the hotel to check in I realise that the contemporary fashion of the decor is met by a cosy, nostalgic pattern that creates a surreal atmosphere of walking into a brand-new home, and I’m eager to see more.

Hart Shoreditch Hotel London: Lobby Area

Once I’ve grabbed my key, I wander around the halls to see where I can spend my evening and I’m certainly not underwhelmed by my choices. Tables are decked out with ambient lighting that is perfect for catching up with friends, or even reading a book, the bar area offers a wide range of seating to cater to all guests, and I can already smell what I’m lucky enough to tuck into dinner for later.

Hart Shoreditch Hotel London: Details

Walking into my room I’m immediately drawn to the view from my window that showcases the best of London’s busy skyline from a comfortable height. I can honestly see for miles and it’s so refreshing to look down at the bustling streets and feel calm for a change.

Hart Shoreditch Hotel London: King One-Bed Suite Living Room

I love how Hart Shoreditch has utilised the space of the room as the layout at first glance is an odd yet attractive shape that further adds to that idea of being very homely. With a large king-size bed sitting in the middle of the room I can’t stop myself from testing it out, and I know I’ll be getting some good sleep whilst I’m here.

Hart Shoreditch Hotel London: Guest Bedroom

There are tonnes of sofas and chairs dotted around the room making this a perfect space for a trip away with some friends, and I even have my own dining table! Yet, the huge TV mounted upon the wall does not go a miss as that sure will be fulfilling all of my entertainment desires for a chilled night in.

As I finish unpacking I go to check out the bathroom which has been intricately designed with marble and gold-coloured furnishings that offer a polished and lavish style. With a jaw-dropping bathtub positioned by the natural light coming from the window, I can’t wait to unwind in this later as I witness London’s nighttime come to life.

Hart Shoreditch Hotel London: Bathroom

Beginning to feel hungry I make my way down for dinner at the Mostrador, a family-style eating concept designed by Fernando Trocca. Drawing inspiration from the Latin American “mostradores,” and counter-service restaurants, this transparent approach reminds me of a luxurious buffet. Using the highest quality of locally sourced produce, everything is wholly delicious and tastes all the better knowing it was cooked from the heart.

Waiters recommend me to try their infamous salads that are packed with super-foods and proteins, that again trigger a wonderful memory of summer days, and all of which is washed down a beautiful glass of House white wine.

Hart Shoreditch Hotel London: Mostrador

As I finish my meal, I wander over to the bar area to explore their extravagant cocktail menu that is making my mouth water just reading it. I decide to go with a surprise from one of the bartenders, by simply requesting something sweet. He returns with a Nitro Yerba, made with Rum, Iced Yerba Mate, Pineapple Juice, Fresh Lemon Juice and Sugar, and it completely hits the spot.

Hart Shoreditch Hotel London: Mastrador Bar

After a few of these have been served, I decided to retire back to my room as thoughts of being in that elegant bathtub clouded my vision. Truly the perfect end to a perfect stay.

by Alicia Tomkinson

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