De Beers present Metamorphosis Chapter II High Jewellery collection

A CONTINUED celebration of natural forms, De Beers has released a secondary Metamorphosis jewellery collection that praises the raw beauty of natural diamonds.

Divided into four sets, the second instalment of the Metamorphosis collection mirror the changing seasons. Spring is represented by the King Protea flower native to southern Africa, Summer is materialised through spirals of ammonite fossils, Autumn leaves are portrayed through Grand Feu enamel, and Wintery terrains are shown through more angular ice-like creations.

De Beers Metamorphosis Chapter II – Spring

De Beers Metamorphosis Chapter II – Summer

De Beers Metamorphosis Chapter II – Autumn

De Beers Metamorphosis Chapter II – Winter

Much like the seasons themselves, the collection aims to be ever-evolving and continually moving with twenty transformable pieces that represent modernity the epitome of the Maison’s craftsmanship. 

Pieces from the collection include ear cuffs, multi-finger rings and tiaras, all showcasing some of the Earth’s most stunning natural diamonds that speak to De Beers dedication to unique realms of beauty. 

by Ben Sanderson