LCM AW16: Liam Hodges

Liam Hodges’ first solo catwalk show explored British “petrolhead” culture. Show notes told us that “the man in mind is … Kevin Webster with a bit more nous” – an unexpected, but brilliant reference point.


LiamHodges-1Glass found this collection pleasingly intimidating: which perhaps mirrors the way we feel about mechanics, especially those who drive around very fast in modified motors. Layering creates a long-legged look without lankiness. Bias-cut overalls are sewn on to tracksuits, giving a two-sets-of-clothing bulk from the waist down. Detail at the waist is intricate, and taut … it makes us think of matelots, but proper naval types with fighting rigour, rather than the romantic Querelles of a JPG ad.

LiamHodges-9The primary colour palette: royal blue, bright, bright yellow, and a rich dark red – along with black and white for the monochromists – is described by Hodges as “the standard overalls spectrum” – a phrase so brilliantly laconic that we hope it becomes standard fashion usage.


There’s very little in life more alluring to those who like the chase, than an object of desire who is indifferent and hard to seduce, because they have an over-riding passion in life, and you’re not it. Sweaters featuring licence plate puns – 60 F45T3R, and the mirror-writing of the piece pictured below – are the perfect garments to sport if you’re hoping to catch the eye of a young man more interested in a hot hatchback than a hot hook-up.







by Rachel McCormack

All images courtesy of Liam Hodges



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