LFWM SS20: Jordanluca

MARKING their first catwalk at London Fashion Week Men’s, Jordanluca, headed by Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto, merges exceptional Italian tailoring with the dynamic energy of London’s streetwear style with their SS20 show, Maledetta Primavera.

Princess Julia, the London writer, model and DJ, who has been dubbed “the first lady of London’s fashion scene”, defines the Jordanluca muse as one who “walks, runs and dances in the darkness of an early morning or the laser beamed basement of a nightime rave embracing the promise of the light to come. The crisp air that cuts into a mood and strokes cloth exposed skin. Comforting comforatable courageous.” The collection’s courageousness and comfortablity is showcased through the meticulous fusing of styles and designs, men’s suits are deconstructed and given a contemporary edge as they mix with neon and futuristic rave-styled pieces.


This eclectic mixture proves to create transgressive looks – tailored streetwear suits and jackets fuse with rave like patterns and neon colour palettes. Boxy button up shirts with a print of neon green rats is paired with stylishly tailored trousers and green-tipped trainers. Red lamé shorts are paired with knee-high socks creating a conceptual footballer-esque look.

Especially captivating is the way Jordanluca merges fashion and sculpture – attached by harnesses, models walked with a wired orb standing two feet above them, creating a scruturalized space-age look with a modern twist.

by Mirabella Shahidullah



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