Louis Vuitton launches Les Parfums fragrances for men

IN A WORLD of zany, designed-to-be-outrageous perfume bottles (look no further than Kim Kardashian’s latest offering for this) there is a subtle satisfaction in the perfectly smooth, luxuriously weighty glass of the Louis Vuitton fragrances. Designed to look like a set of super-modern apothecary bottles, the French fashion house’s first line of masculine scents sits perfectly alongside the already-released women’s perfumes. Whilst it appears to have a traditional black stopper-style top, a cleverly magnetised lid masks the nozzle inside.

 The Louis Vuitton Les Parfums fragrances for men



The delicate pastel shades of the range, from the dusty warm pink of L’Immensite to the fresh green of Sur La Route, provide a calming influence from the moment you lay eyes on the perfumes. Once spritzed, you may be surprised at the versatility and dimensions of the range – far be it from a group of over similar scents. Grapefruit, ginger and labdanum combine to bring a commendably bitter, masculine scent in the form ofL’Immensité, laced with the most subtle hint of spicy sweetness.

Louis Vuitton fragrances for men

Louis Vuitton  fragrance – L’Immensité

Nouveau Monde is a scent developed in honour of the legendary 19th-century explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, one of Louis Vuitton’s original customers. Evolving around a Mayan chocolate, this is a far less conventional form of the sweet treat, the scent is a leathery oud mixed with incense and saffron. In contrast, Orage balances sweetness with earthy darkness, its bergamot, iris and patchouli heart scent commanding attention in the most subtly powerful way.

Louis Vuitton fragrances for men

Louis Vuitton fragrance – Nouveau Monde

Sur La Route is one for the road, as its title suggests. Citrusy, with bergamot and the aroma of freshly cut blades of grass, Sur La Route feels as comforting as it does exciting. Like a perfect partner for a trip of a lifetime, it opens the wearer up to new possibilities while maintaining a reverence for the familiarity of the past.

Louis Vuitton fragrances for men

Louis Vuitton fragrance – Sur La Route

Finally, Au Hasard – perhaps the most daring of the collection. It feels strangely familiar, yet completely surprising. Sandalwood transports you to Sri Lanka, whilst creamy, milky wood and the seed of the ambrette flower ground the scent in nature.

Louis Vuitton fragrances for men

Louis Vuitton fragrance – Au Hasard

As a collection, the fragrances are all-encompassing, providing a foundation of sorts upon which to build the perfect summer wardrobe. As the warmer weather approaches, stock up on the set so that you can spritz and go, courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

by Thomas Marrington

The Louis Vuitton Les Parfums fragrances collection for men launches in-store May 31

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