Relive Royal Heritage at the Rubens at the Palace

EVERYTHING you fantasise about living the royal life can be apprehended vicariously by staying at  The Rubens at the Palace. Having been a neighbour to Buckingham Palace for over 300 years, the Rubens at the Palace welcomes guests with its unparalleled heritage and impeccable service after a lavish refurbishment, along with the grand opening of its in-house restaurant, the English Grill, continuously proving its high standards.

TheRubens Hotel LondonThe Newly Opened English Grill at the Rubens Hotel

The royal character of the Rubens at the Palace is immediately reflected through its luxurious design after the recent renovation. When I stepped inside the door, I first laid my eyes upon the huge Murano glass chandelier centering the red-dominated lobby; the alluring chandelier was also reflected through the room-length mirror on the ceiling, doubling its sense of opulence. Then my attention was drawn to dozens of red carnations carefully placed around the lobby, alluding the impressions of holidays and of the Red Carnations hotel brand. The lobby’s rich design extended its grandeur to the Cavalry Bar, the English Grill and my guest suite.

The Rubens HotelThe Cavalry Bar

The service at the Ruben at the Palace is thorough and perfectionist. From the minute I entered the hotel, I was welcomed and served by a group of people with expertise in their respective areas: reception, guest service, concierge etc.. I was quite impressed about just how effortless they worked together as a team to provide guests with exceptional and considerate service. Another perfect example of the hotel’s extraordinary service is proved at its newly opened restaurant, the English Grill.

The Rubens HotelThe New Opened English Grill

Dining at its newly opened English Grill is theatre. While being companioned by dramatic candelabras, velvet-swaddled blue chairs, and delicate glass chandeliers, guests can experience a performance carried out by an entourage of gourmet specialists. Like actors assuming their various roles on stage, the “performers” of the English Grill—hosts, waiters, sommeliers, and fromagers—provide their knowledge in their respective roles.

After being escorted by a friendly host to the table, I was greeted by the exuberant food specialist Marcus, who introduced me to the menu, notably English with a modern twist. After I placed a food order, the friendly sommelier Vincent, who didn’t mind sharing an array of fun anecdotes, diligently selected a glass of wine to pair with every course of the meal, accentuating the flavors of each dish. From Vincent, I learnt that the hotel group, Red Carnation Hotels, had their own winery in South Africa called Bouchard Finlayson, producing high-quality wine with its award-winning Galpin Peak Pinot Noir.

The Rubens HotelDining at the English Grill

Starting the English Grill’s culinary production with its house-made bread, I savored the first act of Smoked Eel with Beetroot and Horseradish Cream, indulged in the second act of its Tuesday special Pork and Apple Pie and culminated with a cheese plate that was meticulously explained and curated by the cheese expert. If dining at the English Grill is a play, it is a drama; I was constantly surprised and delighted by each course of the meal and wine, recommended by the specialists.

The Rubens HotelGuest Suite at The Rubens at The Palace

Coming back to my suite on the third floor, I was ready to relax in the charming room surrounded by the red-and-white striped, upholstered wall and royal portraits of Queen Elizabeth II and officers of the Royal Army. Next morning, as I gazed at the Royal Mews from across the street where mysterious royal carriages occasionally emerged, I was thinking about just how marvelous it was to relive English heritage in the modern, cosmopolitan London.

by Vanessa Xinyi Mao

The Rubens at the Palace
39 Buckingham Palace Road
+44 20 7834 6600

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