Too blessed to stress at BLESS Hotel Ibiza

BLESS HOTEL IBIZA has condensed its operating ethos into the phrase “hedonistic luxury”, an incongruous-buzzword-blend symptomatic of upscale hotels ‘with an edge.’

But this is Ibiza, an island at the centre of a tug of war between luxury and hedonism since time immemorial. At BLESS it’s the luxury side that wins out. Still, Balearic rhythms follow you everywhere you go and specialist cocktails rotate daily, while international footballers roast poolside before a night at Hï or Circoloco. 

Llum Pool Club

I’d compare my two nights to a pre-drinks so good you end up cancelling the night out itself, even though you’ve already shelled out for tickets, booked a baby sitter and spent hours getting dolled up. Wanting the full experience, I had mentally committed to the idea of a night out in Ibiza.

A childhood friend was DJing the night I arrived, just 30 minutes away from BLESS (Ibiza now has Uber – game changer), but, as the night ran on, I just couldn’t pull myself away from my temporary home. Maybe it was the 15 course tasting menu at in house restaurant, Etxeko (“Home Made” in Basque, the region that inspires the dishes).

Magness Soulful Spa

There’s not enough page space to cover every course, but memorable highlights include: black pudding fritter with yuzu and camomile; oxtail cannolloni with acorn-fed Iberian ham and boletus soup; and grilled hake, coconut, red curry and razor clams. A Michelin Star well earned, helmed by Martín Berasategui – recipient of 12 stars and counting, which is a frankly greedy amount.

Dining at BLESS

Dining at BLESS

The roof terrace restaurant offers a more casual alternative, but with no real drop in quality. The octopus tacos are a delight, wonderfully zesty and great with a caná, while the blue fin tuna is otherworldly. I’ve heard blue chip fish be referred to as ‘meaty’ before, but this was downright decadent on a level that only slow cooked pork belly can match – similar in texture and heft. A serious treat.

The rooftop infinity pool is suitably lux, but the main event can be found on the ground floor, with the sprawling, multi-level Llum Pool Club, punctuated with waterlilies and balinese beds. The beach is just 30 seconds away, and for those wanting a bit of seaside therapy, it can be traversed as part of a daily mindfulness walk, lead by hotel clinicians.

As if anymore evidence were needed that BLESS has all bases covered, they also employ a domesticated falcon to patrol skies above the pool area, keeping the Ibizan seagulls (big enough to scoop up a toddler/one of the smaller instagram models leafing through their salad), at a nice, safe distance.

Infinity Lounge

The team at BLESS believe a stay with them should be a deeply sensual experience, typified by carefully curated scents that stay with guests long after they depart. The Magness Soul Ful Spa is distinctly Mediterranean; the gym, more “spicy”, while the corridors carry notes of moss and wood.

On Wednesdays an opera singer takes up residence in the spa, taking advantage of the world class acoustics, while private (and supposedly soundproofed) massage rooms, each named after and aesthetically inspired by summer flowers, offer treatments powered by ESPA Cosmetics.

Next door is what I can only describe as a Moorish pleasure centre, home to half a dozen waterbeds, perfect for that floaty post-massage slump. The spa prioritises sustainability, and will soon feature an on sight boutique with rentable swimwear. We were reliably informed that for families, the best time to visit is April/May, while June/July/August tends to be relatively kid-free.

by Charlie Holder

Bless Hotel Ibiza offers rooms from £374 per night based on two adults sharing. British Airways Holidays ( ) offers three nights at BLESS Hotel Ibiza from £349 per person, inclusive of flights and checked baggage departing from London Heathrow on 27 September on a room-only basis, based on two people travelling.