Don Papa Rum takes us on an adventure to Sugarlandia with every sip

THE FILIPINO medium-bodied Don Papa Rum is a premium aged small batch spirit founded in 2012, sharing the phenomenon that is Filipino rum with the rest of the world.

Derived from Negros Occidental in the Philippines, also known as Sugarlandia, Don Papa is an easy-drinking rum, ideal for cocktails and just as pleasing neat. 

Don Papa Rum

Unknown to many, the Philippines is part of an exclusive index of countries that produce the sugarcane used to make rum. The region has a long-established history within the rum craft, and although enjoyed locally, the regional spirit hardly saw global exportation.

Don Papa founder Stephen Carroll noticed the rich and flavourful rum emerging from the Philippines and decided to share it with the world, which led to his embarkment on cultivating the Don Papa Rum brand. 

At first, the spirit delivers notes of fruitiness, such as sweet tangerines and apricots however, after the initial first sip, an all-rounded hint of sweet vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce elevated by cinnamon flavours, honey, candied fruits, and a whisper of citrus keeps you coming back for more. 

Don Papa Rum

The rich and smooth rum provides the essence of Sugarlandia with every drink as it offers as a vehicle to the fruitful foothills of the active volcano Mount Kanlaon, upon which resides the finest sugarcane blades which supply the spirit with its delectable sweetness, its Black Gold molasses.

Matured in ex-bourbon American oak barrels, a unique climate ensures that optimal flavour saturates the rum. Subsequently, the blend sees Mount Kanlaon spring water integrated with 40% ABV, crafted by Don Papa’s skilled master blender.

Whether infused in caramel espresso martinis or refreshing daiquiris with a squeeze of lime juice — or simply appreciated neat — Don Papa Rum is a versatile spirit which can pair easily with diverse food plates and is sure to be adored by both cocktail lovers and prestigious rum connoisseurs alike.

by Nicole Pereira