Les Exclusifs de Chanel adds Comète to its collection

LES EXCLUSIFS de Chanel is the epitome of luxury fragrance and for 2024, Chanel Beauty is adding Comète to its collection.

The 19th addition to the streamlined olfactory offering from the French House ties Gabrielle Chanel’s admiration for the night sky to perfumery. First picked as the theme for her debut high jewellery collection in 1932, the Comet and Star have been intertwined in the very essence of Chanel ever since finding itself as a motif across fashion and jewellery, and now beauty.

Chanel Comète 200ml

“I wanted to cover women in constellations. Stars! (…) see these comets, where the head glitters on a shoulder, and the sparkling tail slips behind the shoulders to fall back down in a shower of stars on the chest” – Gabrielle Chanel

Chanel In-House Perfumer Olivier Polge

“At the beginning of each creation, you need an inspiring element, and for Comète, the starting
point was the idea of stardust,” explains Chanel’s In-House Perfumer Olivier Polge. Just like a shooting star, the Eau de Parfum explores a new territory, tracing a complicated amalgamation of powdery hues created from delicate cherry blossom, iris extract and a musk accord.

Intensely sensual, the scent evolves with time trying to reflect the notion of a star on its journey, beginning with a sweeter opener and slowly maturing whilst maintaining its luminous feel – complex like the universe itself.

by Imogen Clark

Comète is 75ml is £215 and 200ml is £380 – available here