The Creativepool Annual innovates and excites with its 11th edition

SINCE being established 11 years ago, the Creativepool Annual has become a hotspot for creative talent. Now, The Annual continues to expand its presence and is currently underway. Acting as a platform for industry leaders, agencies, buyers, newcomers and more, the event offers an array of awards to promote new talent.

The Creativepool Annual

The Annual states that its vision is to be, “The Most Award.” In a celebration of diversity, innovation and pragmatism, the title denotes recognition within the creative industry. Featuring free categories, the provision of judges’ feedback, the People’s Choice awards and its holistic marketing status, The Annual is lauded amongst industry experts.

The Creativepool Annual

As an additional surprise, the event has introduced four new work categories for 2024: Art, Artificial Intelligence, Self-Initiated and Spatial Design. Similarly, two new award categories have been added: Network of the Year and Design Agency of the Year. Reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of the creative industry, the new awards and categories honour individual and collective efforts.

Speaking on the new categories, Creativepool’s founder Michael Tomes said: After having such a fantastic 10 year anniversary of The Annual last year, Annual 2024 is all about change. We’ve taken a bit of a controversial step by introducing an AI category this year.

From the feedback that we have been getting from our community, AI is the one thing that simply terrifies creatives, with many concerned that needs for their skills will be made obsolete sooner rather than later. Creativepool takes a more pragmatic approach and sees a future where AI and creativity move together.”

Winners of the awards will have their work published in 5,000 copies of the Annual that will be printed and distributed to agencies and brand leaders across the globe. They will also receive limited edition Gold, Silver or Bronze Annuals and will be offered Free Pro Creativepool membership, and a highly coveted winner’s badge on their Creativepool profiles.

The final deadline for submission is the 26th of April, followed by the closing of late submissions on the 23rd of May. Following the submissions, The Annual Launch Party will take place in London on the 5th of September.  

by Sophie Richardson

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