Villa Lena Foundation’s 2025 Artist Residency program announces open call

CALLING all creatives, it’s your lucky day as the Villa Lena Foundation has announced its open call for its 2025 residency program.

The art foundation, which runs alongside the completely divine Villa Lena, the Tuscan agriturismo hotel, offers a multidisciplinary artistic residency that’s dedicated to fostering collaboration across disciplines – it’s a place for ceramicists, writers, painters and musicians (among others) to come together, enjoy the wildness of the Tuscan landscape and let their imaginations run.

Villa Lena

Only an hour away from Florence and Pisa, Villa Lena is set in 500 hectares of Tuscan woodland, hills, olive groves and vineyards, and dotted are the artist studios, offering serene working spaces to artists and creatives for 4-5 week-long group residencies.

It’s open to artists of all backgrounds and nationalities and at all stages of their careers. The aim of the game here is to encourage creative collaboration and the generation of new ideas…in a picturesque setting no less.

So, if you’re a contemporary artist working in the realms of art, music, film, literature, fashion and other creative disciplines, you have until the 7th of June to apply. 

Charlie Duck at Villa Lena. Photograph: Niklas Adrian Vindelev

It’s worth noting that next year will emphasise projects that explore the intersection of art, sustainability and rurality, allowing for the creative exploration and depiction that play to rural environments and communities. The Villa Lena Foundation particularly welcomes Creative Contributors who can lead workshops centred around sustainable innovation and practices.

Nadine Workshop at Villa Lena. Photograph: Lottie Thompson

A magical place and foundation, TVLF has supported artists from all walks of life for the past ten years–its founding principles are based on creating a community for exchange and dialogue and assisting residents in their work. The foundation is committed to creating more accessibility in the arts and enabling support for artists from a diverse range of backgrounds. 

by Felicity Williams

The call for projects is open until the 7th of June.

For more details and to apply, please visit the link in bio or contact