Savage Garden teams up with the Ocean Conservation Trust for two new cocktails

LOOKING for a bar with panoramic views of London’s iconic skyline? Look no further than Savage Garden.

Overlooking famous buildings and monuments such as The Shard, Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral, this secretive sky-high bar is the perfect spot to soak up some seasonal summer sun.

Being just a 3-minute walk from Tower Hill station and perched on the 12th floor of the DoubleTree by Hilton, Savage Garden’s central location certainly adds to the bar’s appeal. Boasting sophisticated décor and an equally impressive menu, the bar offers a range of tasty cocktails and salty snacks to satiate any visitor’s appetite.

Stepping into Savage Garden immediately brings a sense of liveliness and warmth, which I particularly appreciate after an unseasonably cold April. Vibrant orange curtains drape the walls and evoke a sunset-inspired ambience, whereas polished marble countertops further elevate the bar’s heavenly interiors.

We are seated at a table next to the bar’s balcony, providing us with a view of the eclectic cityscape. Ushering in the new season with an exciting reimagined menu, Savage Garden has truly pulled out all the stops.

In particular, the bar has teamed up with the Ocean Conservation Trust on two exclusive cocktails – the Satori and the alcohol-free Marinehades.

The Satori consists of Plymouth Gin, Amaro Santoni, Doragrossa Chinotto, Campari, Franklin & Sons Pink Grapefruit Soda and Gattertop Damson Liqueur air. Inspired by Japanese Zen Buddhism, Satori alludes to a sudden moment of enlightenment – which can certainly be felt upon first taste. Presented in a shallow bowl-like vessel, the drink revitalises and restores with each sip.

Meanwhile, the Marinehades features Everleaf Marine non-alcoholic aperitif, tomato water, capers brine and oak smoke. Considered the alcohol-free version of Savage Garden’s acclaimed Aphrodite’s Garden cocktail, the Marinehades is a delightfully flavourful counterpart.

Dedicated to protecting and conserving the ocean, the Ocean Conservation Trust will receive £1 from Savage Garden with each purchase of the two special drinks. Additionally, Savage Garden will send a volunteer team to Plymouth – where the charity is based – to provide extra community support.

Despite the bar garnering much attention for its beverage offerings, it must be said that food is definitely not an afterthought. For those seeking some savoury treats, the menu has much to offer.

Opting to first try Savage Garden’s duck bao buns – packed full with pickled carrot, mooli, poppy seeds and a spicy plum sauce – we are immediately impressed. Tangy, soft and irresistibly smooth, the bao buns are a must-try if you visit.

Later, we also try the bar’s BANG cauliflower wings, an ideal sharing plate for any vegetarian visitors. However, if your group prefers a slightly more hearty option, the pancetta mac & cheese is a stand-out dish. Arriving in satiating proportioned servings, the mac and cheese provides comfort and cosiness as one sips upon Savage Garden’s masterful cocktails.

We finish our visit with a Savage Brownie – served with strawberries coulis, custard cream, pomegranate and baby mint. Acting as a satisfying ‘something sweet’, the brownie ties together our entire visit with its rich chocolatey allure.

From its location to its cuisine, Savage Garden effortlessly provides a playful dining experience to all who visit. As we leave the restaurant feeling inspired and content, it’s clear that the bar will continue to venture upon its culinary journey with much elegance, grace and style.

by Sophie Richardson

For more information and to book, please visit here. Floor 12, 7 Pepys St, London EC3N 4AF