Balenciaga’s Rodeo bag takes centre stage in new campaign

BALENCIAGA has launched its latest campaign featuring the iconic bag silhouette, the Rodeo. 

The carrier name after the Los Angeles’ Beverly Hills fashion district, Rodeo Drive is a fusion of fashion and luxury with its chic design and skilled craftsmanship fabricated from high-quality leather. 

The latest campaign photographed by Mario Sorrenti showcases brand ambassador and actress Nicole Kidman alongside Chinese actress and singer Yang Chaoyue and superstar model Amelia Gray. 

Pictured against a soft grey background, the models position their poses to be striking as they stare intensely into the camera.

Fabricated from calfskin and polished off with a matte finish, the Rodeo is unmatched with its distinguishing construction and versatile closure choices. The carrier displays a relaxed and informal silhouette with its pre-worn pleats, softened piping and raw edges, giving the bag the appearance of a pre-loved antique passed down through generations.

Very Balenciaga-esque, the campaign shows off the bag adorned with selected charms, allowing its wearer to personalise their Rodeo to their unique taste. As shot in the campaign, the charms customise and give the carrier a distinct purpose and personality.

by Nicole Pereira