Sarah Chapman announces new line of products: The Sarah Chapman Clinic Range

SARAH CHAPMAN has just introduced her latest product line, The Sarah Chapman Clinic Range

Throughout the years, the skincare clinic has encountered various clients with compromised skin barriers due to the improper use of actives. 

Chapman’s mission is to revisit the boundaries of non-prescriptive formula effectiveness without continuously increasing active concentration levels in products. 

Sarah Chapman Vitamin A Power 1

Importantly, clinical active ingredients need to be made deliverable in an easy-to-use and safe manner with noticeable results. A key theme throughout The Sarah Chapman Clinic Range is to improve performance and execution without increasing the level of actives in a product. 

Looking at the first product of the range, a face serum titled A1 Vitamin A Power 1, comprises a formula designed to support skin complexion. Sitting at moderate on the strength scale, the product firms and smoothes the skin as an overnight Vitamin A treatment for those accustomed to retinoid use. The TTS3 technology, as part of the product, enhances anti-ageing rejuvenation. 

Sarah Chapman A1 Vitamin A Power 1

The C1 Vitamin C Power 1 face serum aids the skin’s natural glow, brightening and refining the complexion. The powerful Vitamin C serum is designed for those whose skin is familiar with Vitamin C skincare products and is also enhanced by the TTS3 technology as it re-establishes radiance lost due to daily environmental aggressors, mental strain or dehydration.

Sarah Chapman R&R Glow

The final product of the range is the R&R Glow — ideal for giving your skin a rested appearance. The hydro-balm aids skin relief and restoration and is favourable for irritated and sensitive skin or impaired barriers due to cosmetic usage, retinoid reactions or clinic treatments.

The product also contains TTS3 technology, which provides instant relief to the skin and counterbalances the ramifications of using strong acids and retinoids on the skin. 

“My new TTS3 technology will have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about powerful, ingredient-driven skincare.” — Sarah Chapman

by Nicole Pereira