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I love being a woman. The sartorial choices available to me are immense and the ideals, oh so attainable. Stark angular and Belgian during the darker winter months, ruffled, printed and exuberantly Italian during idyllic summer holidays, chic, seductive and coquettishly French on pretty much any other day of the week. Women are generally afforded the luxury of being of fashionable butterflies, appropriating trends and current zeitgeist and making all of it their own.

However the modern gentleman does have a riposte up his very dapper sleeve – the made-to-measure shoe.

From Churches to John Lobb, and the recently revitalised Grenson, our male counterparts are positively channeling Cinderella with their penchant for their own personalised shoe and from late June – early July, the Louis Vuitton Bond Street Maison will add its name to the impressive roster of men’s made-to-measure shoes.

Those lucky men amongst us will be able to choose the shape, the material, and the finish of their shoes. Naturally, when this luxury powerhouse brings you such a service, the options are of course more than extensive.

Four soles – including the technically challenging Norwegian stitch – three perforation options, a myriad of fine leathers and subtle patinas create the unmistakably Louis Vuitton look. If this wasn’t enough up to three initials – or numbers – are stamped into the inside of the shoe. If that wasn’t enough, a belt service is also possible.

All in all, three thousand possible combinations for the ultimate in perfectly shod luxury – a must for our darling little twinkle toes.

by Marie-Louise von Haselberg


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