Off-White and AC Milan reunite for female football initiative in Nairobi

OFF-WHITE and football team AC Milan have announced their latest partnership, a campaign supporting a Fondazione Milan initiative encouraging at-risk girls in Nairobi to participate in sports by offering a football program.

The campaign features a t-shirt with the graphic, “I SUPPORT SPORT FOR CHANGE”, as AC Milan and Off-White come together to showcase the positive change that can arise from the power of sport.

Transpiring in the Dandora and Korogocho slums of Nairobi, the Fondazione Milan initiative works with the organisation Alice for Children, which aims to support the at-risk children and women of Kenya.

The partnership comes with the belief that sport — in conjunction with educational activities and psychological aid — can encourage and support girls to become strong and self-dependent women.

The project will offer 1300 at-risk 10 to 18-year-old Kenyan girls the chance to be part of a training program where they will practice football and gain confidence in their strength and worth during a tender time in their growth, resulting in their motivation to fight for their rights and encourage a more inclusive society.

The t-shirt, in support of the program, is beige with bold red writing and features the Off-White logo and the AC Milan Diavolo mascot. A portion of earnings made from t-shirt sales will be repaid to Fondazione Milan in support of their Sport for Change initiative, which believes in the abilities of sport to tackle education inequality and poverty and motivate the youth to continue evolving their talents.

Additionally, the organisation encourages the unification and social inclusion of suburban and urban districts.

The t-shirt is seen in a campaign worn by Nadia Nadim and Kosovare Asllani, players of the AC Milan women’s football team, and Samuel Chukwueze and Yacine Adli of the AC Milan Men’s Team, amongst other supports of the Italian football group.

by Nicole Pereira