Glass reviews NORMAKAMALIFE: The SkinLine

AGEING gracefully. Honestly, where do we begin on the topic? It’s a concept that appears on every single skin-care line on the market, yet remains quite mysterious. Is it suggesting the best way to preserve beauty is by treating our skin with natural products? If so, what methods can we use to avoid unnatural products and how many of these brands can we truly trust?

These questions fluster anyone on the search for skin-care to maintain healthy, happy skin. They are also questions famed fashion designer, business innovator and beauty entrepreneur, Norma Kamali, answers with her latest venture, NORMAKAMALIFE: The SkinLine.

Norma Kamali, founder of NormaLife

At 74 the iconic inventor of the sleeping-bag coat and high-heeled sneakers, Norma Kamali, seeks to reinvent the beauty industry. If anyone knows the secret to perfect ageless skin, it’s Norma. She exudes youthful vitality and an eternal coolness. These special quirks have made Norma Kamali a household name for decades and are what distinguishes her skin-care line. 

The skin-care set includes: Clean, a soap-free cleanser, Smooth, an exfoliating cleanser, Glow, a colour enhancer and Soft, an everyday moisturiser. With simple packing designs, Kamali effectively represents democracy. The skin-line becomes accessible to users of all gender identities and ages, confidently telling them beautiful skin should know no boundaries.


The line succeeds best by incorporating minimal, yet natural, ingredients that actually clean and elevate skin tone. You can feel the transformative nature of the ingredients from the outset when you apply Smooth. Comprised of small granules of charcoal, the juice of aloe leaves and ground olive pits, the cleanser changes from an initial inky black colour to a light grey when massaged into skin. The scent and texture are light, and definitely brighten ones complexion after it’s removed. Smooth doubles as a terrific exfoliator for your nail beds. 

When skin needs a break from the heavy foundation, but you still want an enhanced, even tone, Glow is the ideal solution. With naturally sweet ingredients including sugar cane, caramel cacao seed butter and moringa seed oil, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, the product definitely worked to boost skin tone. In my own case, my friends actually noticed when I used it, asking if I’d been away on a mini-break.


Another fantastic aspect about Glow is how the initial effects are enhanced with Soft, the skin-line’s moisturising component. Better yet, there are only two ingredients in Soft, calcium hydroxide, which acts as a PH balancing agent and olive fruit oil, which is rich in Vitamin E. Together they prevent UV damage and restore skin cells.

NORMAKAMALIFE redefines the idea of graceful ageing by providing an alternative. It asks users to let their individual beauty shine through bare and uncovered. With her skin-care line, Kamali succeeds in capturing and accentuating the timelessness of beauty. In Norma, we trust. Truly.

by Maria Noyen

NORMAKAMALIFE is available for purchase at Selfridges. Individual product prices begin at £32.40