Kiko Kostadinov Studios and ASICS team up for a new unisex line

IN A groundbreaking move, ASICS, and Kiko Kostadinov Studios have unveiled Asics Novalis, their latest collaborative brainchild. This standalone unisex line, set to launch in AW23, signifies a major evolution in the enduring partnership between the powerhouse brands, taking a dynamic leap into the apparel sector.

Asics Novalis reimagines the core principles of ASICS, transcending athletic performance to embrace the nuances of everyday life. Curated by Kiko Kostadinov, (Laura, and Deanna Fanning), the collection features wardrobe staples that emphasise day-to-day wearability and performance.

Functionality and simplicity are at the forefront as the innovative cuts, proportions, and playful thought behind the Kiko Kostadinov vision take centre stage. 

Freedom and flexibility are the cornerstones of Asics Novalis, with archetypal designs that adapt effortlessly to diverse spaces and contexts. The wearer’s interpretation becomes an integral part of the garments, reflecting the fluidity of contemporary life where rigid boundaries are obsolete.

The clothes, instead of being bound by rigid rules, serve as flexible tools for intentional living, allowing for a degree of interpretation by the wearer, making Asics Novalis an open invitation to break free from conventional clothing norms. 

by Zlata Kryudor 

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