MBFW Recap: Noon by Noor

The two young women behind Noon by Noor, Bahrainian cousins Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa, were a slight presence at the end of their show; they made for a jointly meek wave and reclusion back behind the scenes. Their show, on the other hand, packed a forceful, feminine punch, playing unabashedly on menswear and street wear, but without the compromise of floral touches and boisterous, womanly silhouettes.

Liberal metallic fabrics, t-shirt dresses and bomber jackets fiercely accompanied girlishly borne midriffs, caped gowns and floral pantsuits on the runway. The collection called to the hybrid characters of the leather wearing, space age tough girl and the cutesy, silken mini dress-clad ingénue; it was forceful but romantic, both feminine and feminist.


by Emily Rae Pellerin

Images from Noon by Noor

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