MFW AW22: Giorgio Armani

GIORGIO Armani painted Milan Fashion Week in shades of grey and blue. Their AW22 womenswear and menswear collection is restrained elegance and finely tailored – the garments glimmered and shined under the runway’s silver lights. Light and Art Deco were prominent inspiration behind the designs. 




“First, softness, expressed in fluid and elongated silhouettes thatd ance with every step. Followed by the precision of exact constructions and the sense of an elegance created by renouncing the superfluous rather than excess,” Giorgio Armani says about the themes in his collection.



Precisely tailored blazers and suit trousers came down the runway in hues of navy, black and dark grey. The suits were layered with velvet vests and patterned t-shirts.

The colour palette remained consistent as jackets cut from deep royal blue velvet paired with matching, embroidered trousers followed. Shimmering beaded party dresses in hues of blue so dark they almost appear black nicely juxtaposed the tailored garments. 





A pair of formal capris embellished with vertical lines of tiny gems were tucked into a pair of knee-high, suede navy boots complete with a bedazzled diamond pattern.

The coordinating trousers and boots were complimented by a strapless, velvet bedazzled top – perfect for a night out. There was a prominent focus on outerwear. An emerald green, collarless cowhide coat stood out in the line-up and offered a delightful pop of colour in the collection. 





The presentation was set in a small theatre that resembles the velvety inside of a jewellery box. Silence was the soundtrack to the runway show – a last-minute change and sign of respect for those experiencing the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine.

The show’s tone was somber, and while the garments could easily hold their own, they graciously took a backseat to the devastation in Eastern Europe. 

Like many of us, Giorgio Armani asked himself the question: “What can I be doing?”. As the conflict rages on in Ukraine, we look to our leaders in both the political and fashion spheres on how we are meant to respond to the crisis.

by Jamison Kent

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