MFW SS21: Sportmax

THIS season, Sportmax presented a collection that was both romantic and futuristic: sleek tailoring in fine or sheer fabrics and neutral tones cut with an acidic lime green.

Models were windswept: strands of hair drawn across their foreheads as if they had just wandered, nymph-like, in from the rain. Skin was dewy almost to excess. The overall  impression was one of contemporary silhouettes buoyed up with classic romanticism.

The collection was characterised by leather, mesh, and a finely woven fabric that was draped over the contours of the body. Pieces were sharply tailored, and made whimsical by trailing cords and straps across bare chests in contrasting colours. Proportions were exaggerated by the extreme wide soles of shoes: heels, sandals and boots all boasted these broadened soles.

Knitwear was coordinated with matching hot pants. Tights were sheer but brightly coloured, and similarly brightly tones ruching was layered under dresses’ bodices.

Sportmax ushered the viewer into a dreamworld with a sporty, structural edge.

By Connie de Pelet


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