Louis Vuitton releases a new collection of men’s sunglasses – Louis Vuitton Rainbow


A MODERN rainbow of eye wear whisks the wearer away to Virgil Abloh’s universe. Built around the rainbow that dominated the Louis Vuitton SS19 show, the new men’s sunglasses project a message of inclusivity. The broad range of colours celebrate difference, defining Abloh’s vision – a welcoming Louis Vuitton community and a new era in menswear.

Louis Vuitton rainbow sunglasses colourClassic black in square fit

Crafted in Italy, there are two styles of sunglasses available, both interpretations of classic shapes.  The square fit comes in black, camel, red and yellow while the aviator style comes in crystal, blue and orange. A style and shape can be found to fit and compliment any face. Fashioned in transparent solid nylon, both styles feature a striking gradient detail; colour fades out from the temple into a new tone. Red becomes orange. Orange becomes yellow. Yellow becomes green. Blue becomes violet.

Louis Vuitton rainbow sunglasses neutral

The new collection includes some neutral tones

If you want a more low-key colour, the neutral tones, mimicking the key shades used by Virgil Abloh in his debut show for Louis Vuitton, are a good option. The lenses all come in black, to highlight the striking colour of the frames, apart from the clear crystal style which comes with silver mirror lenses to accentuate their light capturing clarity.

Louis Vuitton rainbow sunglasses colourAn alternative shape of eye wear – the collection can fit any face

The Louis Vuitton Rainbow sunglasses see skilled craftsmanship merging with bold tones and mark a new, forward thinking approach for the house. The collection expands on the versatility, openness, and inclusivity that Virgil Abloh has championed in his journey so far.

by Alicia Pountney

Available online or in store, prices starting from £275 for the Rainbow square sunglasses