The Great Frog opens new store in east London and introduces their latest collection – Lockdown

DELIVERING a rock and roll alterative to mainstream jewellery, The Great Frog has been catering to subculture style since 1972. Presenting their latest collection, Lockdown, The Great Frog coincided the launch alongside the opening of the new store, located in Shoreditch east London.

Sterling silver bangle from the Lockdown collection


Recognised as personal style items of rock legends, Led Zeppelin and Mick Jagger the Great Frog has established itself as a statement of power and individuality, continually building its reputation since the 1970s. Each piece is handmade from within the UK using 925 sterling silver, contributing a subtle level of luxury to the collection and brand.

Sterling silver bracelet from the Lockdown collection


The Lockdown collection, inspired by architecture and the heavy industries, focuses on the concept of bringing the monumental down to a wearable scale. Fusing the same dominance and force as the monument that inspired the design, into each piece, empowerment is transferred to the wearer creating an aura of strength, both internally and visibly through the design. Creative Director Reino Lehtonen-Riley says, “I find it calming as I understand the process, but the scale is so monumental it gives me a feeling of insignificance and fragility.”

Sterling silver ring from the Lockdown collection


Incorporating symbolism alongside the core concept, Lehtonen-Riley aims to reverse the connotations of chains, presenting a sense of irony through the latest collection. “It is no coincidence that chain has been a symbolism of oppression but by taking ownership many subcultures have upended this connotation to quite the reverse by adorning their necks, wrists and clothing as a middle finger salute to oppressors.”

Though this rebellious statement against the restrictive connotations, The Great Frog and its wearers have reclaimed the associations linked to chain, juxtaposing the original notion and turning chains into the ultimate projection of freedom.

With such depth to the concept for Lockdown, the brand continues to act as a significant contributor to the style and image of rock and roll fashion.

by Lorna Tyler

The Great Frog East   1-4 Holywell Lane, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3ET