Thierry Mugler’s top-off

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Thierry Mugler is bringing back old-world luxury (and a subtle note of eco-friendly) with refillable perfume bottles, referential of a time before Ready To Wear and Over The Counter scents, when ladies would have to head directly to the perfumer to top-off empty fragrance bottles.

Mugler’s recycle-ready incentive means the perfume bottle is no longer a disposable powder-room accoutrement, relegated to the trash once the final drops are doled out. Attention, not to mention an increased sense of value, is once again returned to the ornate, hand-polished vessels, which have become as iconic and cherished as the scents.

Not one to wax poetic about the past without staying light-years ahead of the curve, the design house, in true Mugler fashion, executes this throwback with a decidedly futuristic flair – perfume is dispensed while you wait from The Source, a recently redesigned space-age fragrance fountain found at most Thierry Mugler beauty counters. Four of Mugler’s signature scents – Angel, Angel EDT, Alien, and Womanity – will be on tap at the Source in the UK, while Angel and Alien will be available in the US.

The result? A sustainable new take on fragrance shopping that shifts the focus to a one-on-one interaction with the brand, transforming perfume shopping into a couture experience – and one that comes with benefits to your purse strings, as well: The reusable bottles translate to about 35-40 per cent savings to the consumer with each fill, for shopping that is as wallet-friendly as it is eco-friendly. Who knew recycling was so sweet-smelling?

by Renata Certo-Ware

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