Wayne McGregor CBE showcases FIRST SENSE at Venice Biennale Danza

THIS YEAR, Wayne McGregor CBE was named Director of the Venice Biennale Danza until 2024. The multi-award winning Company Wayne McGregor along with Random International are presenting Future Self during the 15th International Festival of Contemporary Dance as a part of FIRST SENSE.

Bringing performative art together with installations, the movement of the body is put into focus as the light plays around pushing the audience’s focus onto different elements of the performance.

Future Self Wayne McGregor

Random International/Company Wayne McGregor

Choreographed by McGregor, two dancers elegantly explore the installation communicating with one another and their reflections as the light changes. With the illumination constantly changing, those admiring the show will be bound to this dance as they are lit up presenting another version of themselves. The music, artwork and dance unify to exemplify emotion to a special score by composer Max Richter.

The complexity and depth of this performance is not one to miss, and with this being presented during his debut year as Director, McGregor is sure to capture our attention more over his residency there.

by Imogen Clark 

First Sense runs until August 1, 2021

Photo credit:

Random International/Company Wayne McGregor
Future Self, 2012, Aluminium, custom electronics, metrilus 3D cameras, LEDs, brass rods, 120 x 150 x 345cm.
MADE space, Berlin
Image: Ravi Deepres, courtesy of Random International