Chemena Kamali returns to Chloé’s roots for Fall 2024

SINCE HER debut collection last February, its been clear that Chemena Kamali‘s mission at Chloé is to embrace the spirit of what it means to be a Chloé woman.

To feel and see her free-spirited nature. Her route to this is clear: “this meant a return to our roots, focusing on truly defining moments for the House such as Karl Lagerfeld’s 1970s Chloé collections”.

Never straying too far from an unwavering female perspective, the aesthetic of the brand has always centred itself around sincere, unpretentious clothes that play with silhouettes and fluidity – that allow her to dance, run and twirl where ever she is. Or as the Fall 2024 collection notes read, “with a sense of ‘un-doneness'”.

Stating she designed this collection prior to her first, this capsule is all about laying the foundation of her era at the House. Bringing out core staples for her client, chic capes, lace blouses, leather trenches and structured denim come together to bring a timeless and yet seasonal offering.

Accessories are as important as clothes with 70s inspired boots, clog and wedges arriving in naturally tanned leather – all made to be worn and age to become a part of an ever evolving narrative of the wearer.

With a hope of reigniting the relevance of the brand, the designer is paving a distinctive path through today’s landscape of glitz and glamour with the focus on radiant, natural beauty that appeals to all ages.

“I hope to anticipate how women want to feel today. I want to make Chloé women feel like themselves and touch them with Chloé’s spirit and vitality”, explains Kamali. “It’s about capturing all our opposites and contradictions in a wardrobe full of joy, intuition, and freedom”.

by Imogen Clark