Angelo Fair is a new creator on the couture scene. Trained by Savile Row tailors and a former student of Paris’s famous couture school, Fair creates pieces that you simply won’t get from other designers.

Fair’s main de maître label is a couture-only label through which Fair cuts, drapes, fits and hand sews every couture prototype himself.

In his second couture collection, entitled Rohini Shaman, Fair explores the mystical and spiritual practices of ancient cultures, with a focus on the adornments they wore to speak with their gods.

Fair has created an eclectic and conceptual collection, with indigenous and craft-like elements inherently embedded in both an artistic and inventive way.

The ‘Dogon’ dress perfectly encapsulates the collection’s spirituality. Inspired by native origins and ancient civilizations, the beautifully draped silk crepe dress is adorned with an indigenous jungle scene of a pygmy man wearing a hand painted and hand embroidered war mask while surrounded by apple-green hand painted silk organza leaves.

Fair’s Rohini Shaman collection marries drapery aesthetics with the art and craft of those that came before us. With the entire collection underpinned by the designer’s masterful draping skills, fabrics, such as gazar, are treated like clay and fashioned into the form of baroque sculptures.

A piece entitled ‘Grotto’ is a sea of white floating folds, surrounded by hues of electric blue tulle. Accentuated by cave art, and a centerpiece relic necklace from the ice age, the piece is an inevitable collector’s item for any couture client.

The entire collection is a true show of creativity and skill, with Fair capturing the essence of ancient civilizations through the use of modern art forms, while displaying his dexterity for draping and tailoring.

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