Andrew Levitas: Metalwork Photography at the Phillips Gallery

Phillips Gallery is presenting a series of Andrew Levitas’ signature Metalwork Photography. Levitas’ patented process involves the transfer of photographs onto transparencies, and consequently melted onto hand etched metal sheets. The result is a reflective surface that adds movement and depth to unexpected effect

Besides Levitas’ earlier two-dimensional works fusing metalwork and photography, visitors will also encounter his recent three-dimensional pieces. Works featured in this exhibition include freestanding installations of multi-panelled interlocking sheets that straddle the line between sculpture and photography. Levitas also emphasises the dualism present in his works, stating that they are about “the beauty we discard and the filth we treasure”. Resonating with the Abstract Expressionist paintings representative of the post-war New York School, Levitas’ installations are also reminiscent of John Chamberlain’s mangled sculptural assemblages.

Andrew Levitas #Godselfie

Andrew Levitas itree

Andrew Levitas Miss Predestinate

by Louise Lui

Metalwork Photography: A Survey / Works will run from 28 October through 15 November, 2014 at the Phillips Gallery, Berkeley Square, London

Images courtesy of Phillips Gallery

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