AW19 MFW: Sportmax

PREPARE to become infatuated with equestrian-wear. Reinventing femininity for the future, Sportmax showcases its AW19 collection at MFW. Understated, minimalist, and ultra-refined, the collection embodies  the timeless style and rich Italian heritage of the brand.

Blending together equestrian-chic with Italian tailoring, Sportmax highlights refinery and subtle sophistication above all. Featuring helmet-style hats, blazer jackets, and clean lined silhouettes, the collection recreates rural wear in an urban setting. Showcased on a minimalist monochrome runway, the collection presents simplicity at a sophisticated level, while intwining elements of sportswear through the use of colour blocking, bum-bags, and sneakers. Featuring a subdued colour palette, the collection embodies monochrome and navy, with sporadic warm and cool toned pieces.

Hats and accessories become a staple throughout the collection, in particular the boxy, equestrian-style hat, which appears in differing colours, fabrics, and textures. Not only do the use of accessories pay homage to equestrian-wear, but also creates a futuristic element, especially through Sportmax’s incorporation of  triangular sunglasses and straight, square silhouettes. Presenting the future of femininity, the collection conveys a feeling of gender fluidity, combining masculine shapes and silhouettes with feminine patterns and prints.


In true equestrian style, the collections incorporates leather in many of the pieces, including trenches, trousers, and dresses. Exploring the binaries of rural and cosmopolitan, male and female, the Sportmax AW19 collection envisions a refined and sophisticated future.

by Emma Hart

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