Celine unveil the latest addition to its perfume collection – Zouzou

CELINE has recently announced their latest addition to their perfume line, a day scent titled Zouzou.

Developed by Hedi Slimane, the luxury fashion house embarked on their olfactory journey in 2019, bringing out their perfume collection, which — with the new launch — currently comprises twelve scents categorised by day and night.

The collection oozes French haute parfumerie with day scents such as Parade, Saint-Germain-Des- Prés, Cologne Française and now ZouZou — to name a few, while the evening scents comprise Reptile, Black Tie and Nightclubbing. 

Celine Zouzou

Zouzou possesses youthfulness at its core, with Slimane taking inspiration from the sylph-like icons of the 60s portrayed in movies and novels. Slimane has always combined a youthful flair in his work by forming silhouettes through the lens of photography and fashion design, making the new launch of Zouzou fitting for the brand’s image. 

The perfume personifies a youthful, full-of-mischief woman who sports a short hairdo, emphasising her facial features — while its title accentuates the character, with the term Zouzou being a nickname for young girls with short hair. 

The essence of youthfulness, Zouzou merges aromas of Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Labdanum, Vanilline and Musk to bring to life the quintessence of a Parisian teen who radiates a lighthearted and carefree spirit. 

Celine Zouzou

The bottle is created from a French glassmaking technique with fluting on either side and topped with a lacquered cap, portraying the aesthetic of late 17th-century classicism. The Triomphe emblem selected by the founder, Céline Vipiana, sits atop the bottle cap, adding a sense of heritage to the perfume collection.

“I wished to create a perfume about utopic adolescence, capturing an ideal of eternal youth. The recklessness of the young French writer Françoise Sagan, the ingenu boyishness of Jean Seberg filmed by Jean Lucy Godard, the magnificent heroines of the velvet underground, together with the young women I was able to photograph for more than 20 years.

I called my new perfume Celine Zouzou, an affectionate and child-like nickname that appeared in the last century to describe a young woman with short hair.” — Hedi Slimane

by Nicole Pereira