Glass gets an Ultralift facial at Dr Sebagh’s at Chandos House

FOR THOSE who don’t know of Dr Sebagh, he began as a cosmetic doctor and is now a pioneer in non-invasive procedures as an alternative to surgery.

This beautiful new clinic is in a landmark building, tucked away in the heart of the West End, and is now home to both the Dr Sebagh clinic and the award-winning skincare range. Located on the second floor of Chandos House, it has been beautifully restored to honour the past whilst looking to the future; an extremely peaceful escape from the bustling city streets.

Chandos House

On arrival, I had the pleasure of a tour of the beautiful building before being shown to the VIP waiting room usually kept for celebrity clients.

The Ultralift facial began With a thorough cleanse and exfoliation before being prepped for the Ultralift machine. Ultralift uses multi-functional high-intensity focused ultrasound (Multi-Functional HIFU) to stimulate skin rejuvenation by triggering the body’s natural process of collagen production.

Warm pulses of ultrasound energy are delivered deep under the skin, causing the muscle layer to contract. The Ultralift treatment stimulates the growth of new collagen over time, to gradually strengthen and tone your skin from within.

Interior of Chandos House

After 10 minutes of treatment with the Ultralift machine, my facialist, Bella, created a blend of serums from Dr Sebagh’s infamous Serum Bar tailored to my skin’s needs and suitable for use after treatment with Multi-Functional HIFU. I was genuinely surprised by the results.

The treatment targeted my jawline and upper eyelids where frankly I needed the most help. I went for quite a high intensity and it really wasn’t painful, more like a pulsing sensation. 

Immediately I felt lifted and noticed a particular difference around my eyes – the skin had visibly tightened and after a few weeks the effects are a little better still. Dr Sebagh offers longer Ultralift treatments, up to 40 minutes on the machine itself which I would definitely try.

I think this non-invasive treatment is perfect for a subtle lift for those not wanting surgery. There’s no downtime and the results improve over a few weeks.

by Kim Brown

The Dr Sebagh Advanced Ultralift is £380 (includes an additional 10 minutes of Ultralift)
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